I love communicating to live audiences.

I am an experienced keynote speaker. I give presentations to businesses, and often visit schools and colleges to lecture students of all levels.

I also speak at literary and science festivals, book salons and more informally at events in pubs, theatres, museums and nightclubs.  I've spoken at Google, Nike, M&C Saatchi, Wieden+Kennedy, CLSA, Bradesco bank, the Science Museum, the Association of Colleges Annual Conference, 5x15, the Hay Festival of Literature and Arts, the Jaipur Literature Festival, Harrow School, Cranleigh School, North London Collegiate School, the British School of Brussels and many more events, places and institutions.

Most of my speaking work involves mathematics, but I also have given several talks about the history and culture of Brazil.

I have several different talks to appeal to audiences of differing mathematical abilities. If you are interested in hiring me as a speaker please email me at alexanderbellos@gmail.com.

A list of my upcoming public talks is here.



Alex delivered the keynote address at our annual teaching and learning conference. Inspiring is one of those words that has become almost a cliché. But when applied to Alex Bellos and his ideas about maths it doesn't do him justice. His understanding of how maths can provide meaning, shape our view of the world and transform our perceptions of a subject long feared by many is simply magical. Over 400 colleagues attended his address and over 400 colleagues gave rave reviews. His passion for maths and understanding of how culture informs the teaching and learning of maths has changed the way we at this education establishment think about the subject.
Dr Julie Mills, Principal and CEO, Milton Keynes College.

Alex spoke on two occasions to an audience of over 900 A-level mathematics students in autumn 2014.  He provided the audience with inspiration and wonder, delivering complex maths in an engaging and accessible manner.  From the world’s favourite number to the Game of Life, Alex clearly explained the maths with great humour, and left the audience wanting more! It was an absolute pleasure to have such an interesting speaker inspire our audience- thank you! Comments from teachers included:  "Absolutely fantastic, really interesting!" - "Our group loved the Game of Life, it really helped the students think outside of normal classroom maths." "Loved the world’s favourite number segment - great anecdotes and a very accomplished speaker."

Dr Anna Webb, Head of Maths and Science Programmes, The Training Partnership.
Alex Bellos came to Edge Hill University as the after dinner speaker at the Every Child Counts Conference Dinner, September 2014. He kept everyone enthralled as he delved into the world of favourite numbers and considered how life reflects numbers and numbers reflect life. He was entertaining, compelling, interesting and amusing. We will never think about numbers in the same way again!
Louise Matthews, Head of Every Child Counts, Edge Hill University.
Alex has a natural, easy way of speaking to young audiences. He deftly mixes fascinating stories of his travels around the world, with insightful and thought provoking theories of how numbers, mathematics and culture are inextricably linked. Many of our Year 10 students find maths challenging and would not normally find a morning talk about mathematics palatable. However, Alex sought to involve them right from the start in reflecting on the way we use numbers. His infectious enthusiasm shone through and made for a highly engaging start to the day.
Peter Agnew, Headteacher, Darland High School, Rossett.
Alex Bellos gave a fascinating and brilliantly presented talk for Off the Shelf.  The talk was pitched perfectly for the mathematicians in the audience and those for whom numbers are more of a mystery.  The audience feedback was so positive – every survey marked excellent.  I have been to hundreds of events and it was definitely one of my highlights.  Really hope to welcome him back to our festival in the future.
Lesley Webster, festival manager, Off the Shelf Festival of Words, Sheffield.
Alex's enthusiasm for his subject and his ability to approach it from an outsider's point of view was the secret of our audience's enjoyment of his talk. Without talking down to us, he took us on a journey to explain mathematics that elicited gasps of amazement. It was a pleasure to spend an hour or so in the hands of such a brilliant communicator.
Paul Lavin, Director, Chester Literature Festival.
I was the only boy in class not to get an A in O-level Maths. So I approached Alex Bellos and his work with apprehension. Would I once more be made to feel an outcast from my peers? However, both in person and prose he is a master of making numbers make sense to human beings. I only wish I'd met him in 1984.
 Richard Kilgarriff, Founder of Bookomi and host of Books for breakfast at Soho House.



Prior to the World Cup in Brazil, Alex delivered an extremely well-recevied and interesting talk to our Nike Football leadership team around the history, culture and identity of Brazilian football. His knowledge and passion for the subject always shine through and he is always able to present new insights on a story no matter how well-informed his audience
Charlie Brooks, Global Communications Director, Nike.
As part of Canford's School's recent Festival of Ideas, A Question of Identity,  Alex Bellos, gave an outstanding talk on Brazilian identity seen through the prism of football.  He entertained a large audience ranging from age  14 to 18 with his huge knowledge of Brazilian football and culture.  This was so much more than merely a lecture on sport.  The non-footballers in the audience were informed and entertained as much as the fans.  With humour and his characteristic light touch Alex introduced ideas about the relationship between sport and the making of a nation that cut across and transcended all the usual curricular boundaries. Amusing anecdotes and fascinating details were mixed with a broad view of the history and development of the Brazilian nation.  Who knew, for example, that Brazil's first international match was played at home against the mighty Exeter City in 1914?
John James, Head of Cultural Enrichment, Canford School, Dorset.
Alex kindly agreed to be our key-note speaker at our Brazilian investor conference. He provide a very entertaining account of his experience in living and working in Brazil. I found him very professional and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.
Robert Hulme, Bradesco Securities UK