Here are some examples of my public speaking, with other YouTube clips. Beneath those are links to some of my BBC Radio 4 documentaries.

A puzzle at the 2008 CityWire investors conference

For three years I hosted the Abel Prize announcement ceremony in Oslo, Norway. The Abel Prize is one of the most prestigious awards in maths, equivalent to the Nobel Prize.

My most watched clip: 16 million views and counting.

Why I built a pool table in the shape of an ellipse. For more information on Loop, or elliptical pool, check out the Loop website.


Japanese children at an abacus club.

Japanese children at an abacus club.

Land of the rising sums

Why is it that Asian children perform better in international rankings of school maths ability than Western kids do? I travel to the All Japan Abacus Championship in Kyoto to find out and see one of the most incredible feats of mental arithmetic ever performed.

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Nirvana by numbers

The number zero was invented in India one and half thousand years ago. I travel to India to investigate the links between this mathematical invention and the spiritual idea of nothingness. I sit with a guru in his temple and find the earliest zero written in stone. 

Shortlisted for best radio programme in the 2014 Association of British Science Writers Awards.

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How to teach maths

I investigate how UK primary mathematics has changed in the last few decades, and the science – and politics – behind the changes. I explain new techniques like chunking and grid multiplication that leave many parents confused.

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